Murder Mystery

The secret of Karl Lemberger

An In/Escape adventure to a/in the Wengerthäusle – and only you can solve it!

A maximum of 8 people set off to find Karl’s Wengerthäusle from his youth.
The aim is to discover the right house and crack the code for the keys and starter pack.
As soon as you are “inside”, you have to solve various puzzles in order to get your hands on:
glasses, wine, plates, cutlery and your Wengerter Vesper.

Reserve your special quest date
Price: up to max. 8 persons 390 € incl. VAT.
(The most comfortable group size is 5-6 people)

Who killed Karl Lemberger?

A Murder Mystery in the vineyard hut.

6-8 people meet in the hut to find out who murdered Karl Lemberger.
Sparkling wine, wine, water and food will be served.

Please inquire for date.
The price is 380 € incl. VAT for 6 or 7 people
400 € incl. VAT for 8 people.