These three tours are standard, however I will try to extend, change the duration or location according to your wishes. The wines can be according to your individual wishes.

No.1: Vineyard walk with wine tasting

On our walk we will learn a bit about wine and our beautiful area that is very attractive all year round. While enjoying a marvelous view and experiencing the taste of local wine we will finish our tour in or in front of a “Wengerthäusle” with a traditional winemakers’ rest

Meeting point: in front of the Remshalden Museum in Remshalden Grunbach, Schillerstraße 48

No.2: Exploring the historical Grunbach with a walk through the vineyards

After welcoming you with a glass of local sparkling wine we will take a look at the traditional buildings in our beautiful village. There are some impressive and even strange places to see. We’ll finish our tour with a walk through the vineyards and a taste of wine.

  • The walk takes approx. 2.5 hours.
  • Minimum number of participants: 8
  • Price: approx. € 28,- per person
  • 1 glass of sparkling wine,
  • a tasting of ¼ l of wine (Swabian „Viertele“)
  • a snack are included.

Meeting point: Reinhold-Maier-Platz, Remshalden-Grunbach

No.3: Winewalk with a view through the Großheppacher vineyards

This tour takes us up in the vineyards over Großheppach. We meet at Prinz-Eugen-Halle. Then we continue to the platfrom and afterwards to a „Wengerthäusle“ with a spectacular view! We will sample 4 wines and have a snack.

Meeting point: Prinz-Eugen-Halle, Weinstadt-Großheppach

Additionally we can offer the xxl version: An about 3.5 hour experience with 6 wines & snacks for approx. 35 € per Person

NEW!!! No.4: Discover Grunbach‘s old sites and varieties

This walk will let you discover wine, winemaking and its history in the Rems‘valley all year round. We will sample delicious wines directly in the vineyards and enjoy a special „Vesper“ in or in front of a vineyard house.

  • The walk takes approx. 3 hours.
  • Minimum number of participants: 8
  • Price: approx. € 32,- per person
  • A tasting of 4 wines &
  • a snack are included.
  • Meeting point: in front oft he new winepress „Kelter“ between Grunbach and Geradstetten

Individual extras that can be arranged

In the vineyard hut

Fancy an exciting time in the vineyard? Discover our unique events in the vineyard hut.

All prices apply as of January 1, 2022.