Vineyard Hut

Who killed Karl Lemberger?

A Murder Mystery in the vineyard hut.

6 people meet in the hut to find out who murdered Karl Lemberger.
Sparkling wine, wine, water and food will be served.

Please inquire for date on a weekday.
The price is 320€ for whole group or 55€ per person

“Allein im Wengerthäusle” – alone in the vineyard hut

Becoming part of nature – a unique experience for all senses – with a hint of time travel.
A winewalk with social distancing!

Enjoy a 3-course meal consisting of lentil salad, Knödel prepared in the wooden oven and mousse au chocolate. The meal is paired with a choice of either 1 sparkling wine and 2 bottles of wine or 3 bottles of wine total.

You should reserve about 3 hours for this wonderful experience. That gives you enough time to also enjoy the sun on the deck.

It is best to park on Buchhaldenweg, Grunbach and then walk up to the Ruit from where the vineyard hut is only a minute away. If you have more time – take the little detour along the Grunbach waterfalls and use the direct way for the return.

Price per couple 125€
Price for 2 couples – the double date – 230€ with 1 sparkling wine and 4 bottles of wine.

All prices apply as of January 1, 2022.